Add More Power to Showers!

Add More Power to Showers!

Hello gorgeous ones!

Today I wanted to talk about the most celebrated time of the day for most people – Mornings!

There is something I practice every day - its called 'Power Shower'. The idea is simple - be completely in the moment, halt your thoughts for a little while, and believe the water is totally cleansing not just the body but refreshing the mind and the soul.

I love using natural products, interesting aromas that boost my mood and make my skin supple. The second step is to make some awesome scrubs at home - spa quality I promise. J

What you need - For an Oatmeal Honey Scrub

   1.    Oatmeal – a handful
   2.    Honey – 1 tsp
   3.    Coconut Milk – 1 tbsp
   4.    Turmeric – a pinch
   5.    Rosewater – 1 tsp
   6.    Cane Sugar – 1 tsp
   7.    Rose petals – optional

Mix all ingredients in a bowl. The awesomeness is ready to be used. The scrub rids you off dead skin, makes your skin satin-soft and heals light pigmentation marks. It leaves your body nourished and radiant.

What you need – Coffee Cinnamon Scrub

   1.    Brown sugar – 2 tbsp (slightly ground)
   2.    Coffee – 1 tbsp
   3.    Cinnamon – A pinch
   4.    Vanilla oil – a few drops
   5.    Coconut Milk / Cream – 2 tbsp
   6.    Coconut oil – 1 tbsp

Mix all ingredients in a bowl. Breathe in the yummy nutty fragrance of the scrub. Use it liberally allover the body. Enjoy a luxuriant shower. Aftereffects – a beautifully fragrant body and baby-soft skin

It’s a lot of fun and extremely rewarding with the power shower. In case you do make some at home, pack them creatively and gift them as handmade gifts on Diwali and birthdays.

Look forward to hearing back from you all!

With love, peace and happiness!