Latika Sachdeva

23 years

This lilly after shower oil that I ordered gets absorbed very easily and my skin is shiny and so soft. I want to experiment with different flavours every month. The team is so approachable and answered all my queries about skin goals. Fab product, kudos Wildflower for this unique concept!

Rishul Sethi

22 years

My sweet orange body wash smells like real oranges. What I like about this product is that it is natural and completely made to my taste! Isn’t that wonderful?

Sonali Aswal

22 years

So many choices so confusing!! Hahaha! On a serious note, I think what Wildflower is doing in the beauty space is commendable. I love how they stand for individuality and uniqueness. I think they are very well priced for what they offer. I ordered a whole bunch of things for myself and my mom. The lotus lotion they gave me smells divine.

Chetan Oberoi

26 years

I would really like to share my experience after ordering body cream. First of all, the team called twice to understand my requirements and ensuring the formulation is made to my liking. I have sensitive skin that gets rashes very easily. The peppermint body cream that Wildflower made for me keeps my skin cool and doesn’t give me rashes. The fragrance is also very fresh. I would like to order again.

Aditya Nair

25 years

My shampoo came with my name and that really got me excited! You have to experience it one time at least! The staff is super friendly and answered all my queries patiently. We created a shampoo that not only works on volume but also keeps my hair smelling great! I have placed my second order too.

Rippenpreet Kaur

23 years

My hair is curly, messy and just the way I like it. Now I have finally found a shampoo and conditioner that my hair loves! I have added some vanilla oil to which is my favorite fragrance. I am going to add strawberry next time!

Richa Singh Parma

26 years

Finally a body lotion that I made for myself and my husband in our favorite fragrances! It is light and makes my skin smooth. Love how my body smells of lavender after application! My husband uses both of them!

Sweety Bagga

33 years

I think skin changes with age. As I entered my 30s, I saw some changes in my skin too. What I love about this concept is that I got to create my own night cream as per my requirement but also the freedom to change my face goals every month. A very exciting concept indeed!

Zayid Sahai

31 years

I grew up aroundeucalyptus trees. So I was very excited to use that natural fragrance in my bodywash. This is literally my childhood-in-abottle. Lovinn the experience!

Seema Chugh

54 years

Day Cream and Night Cream

I am big fan of Stay Wild. So I was very excited to try their new brand Wildflower. Custom made products is a pure luxury in today’s world. The concept is phenomenal. What can I say more? I am already loving the night cream and day cream. I got a chance to define my goals and create something tailor made for my skin. Thank you for pampering me!

Siddharth Jain

27 years

My hair has become softer, shinier and smells like chocolate, my absolutely favorite fragrance! Love you guys at Wildflower!